Hinterland Packerland Pilsner

A gift from a guy who I may have chastised a bit too much for having given away beer to other people before, this appears to be a beer from Green Bay for people who live in Green Bay. If it's anything like Iron City Beer in Pittsburgh, it is a right of passage to even drink the beer, and it is a badge of honor to let the beer define your beer preferences.

There is a slight haze in the pale gold beer with quite a disappointing head. Only a semicircle of bubbles around the rim is left when the beer settles - it makes me think of a somewhat flat beer I might get at a football stadium for like $8 a cup for a macrobrew. The aroma is bread and malt with a light hint of hops.

First sip is exceedingly simple. It's cold right now, and I suspect the beer is taking advantage of the cold to be eminently drinkable. The malt-heavy beer is grains and crackers, but it doesn't go a whole lot further than that. Even then, the heaviness is just in compared to anything else, as the overall beer is really just smoothly clean and crisp. 

Tip-in is significant carbonation burn with bread and crackers coming from the malt. The middle is more acidic with grass and grains meeting at the back of the throat with a sandpapery effect that I suspect would go away with enough of the beer, but that's the immediate effect of the middle. The finish comes up with a needle of thick malt and some bitterness on the fringes. The carbonation burn didn't seem to be present through the whole experience, and it's not helping anything out.

Bottom Line: I like the team more than I like the beer. But I could tolerate either if nothing else was available on a Sunday.



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