Catawba Mother Trucker Pale Ale

My second Catawba beer. As the first one was a good beer, so I expect this one to be as well. Recently, a co-worker made a disparaging comment about beers from cans, and I hate to think that I was once among the group that thought that good beer couldn't be held by aluminum. That said, I find that glass (dark glass) is generally better suited to the task, but that won't put me off.

The interesting amber colored beer has tiny particles suspended in it somewhat miraculously still. The head is fairly minimal - as is the lacing. The aroma is exceedingly light, but I can just make out the lemon of the hops and some grainy malt. I expected more from the pale ale, but it's not like this is an IPA, so subtle is what it's going for.

The sip is slightly sour and not particularly nice. The grains are harsh and gritty while the sourness is rooted in something (maybe the yeast) that is just not doing the rest of it any favors. Any hops in there are taking a back seat, and their flavor cannot be discerned at all. Maybe in a swig...

Tip-in is moderate carbonation tingle with gentle grains and very light citrus. The middle opens up to show a very grainy bread and a bitterness that seems like it would come along with a lot of hops, but there is only that slight citrus hit that echoes the tip-in. The finish is a swell of bitterness that includes a bit of sour and only slight remembrances of the rest of the beer.

Bottom Line: Uncultured and unbridled, this is a good try that falls a bit short.



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