Dark Horse "Kamikaze Kaleidoscope" Wit Ale

My second beer from Dark Horse, and I have not made my mind up about them. They have these ludicrous drawings on their labels that look like rejected Grateful Dead covers, and their beer names are from the fever dreams of people on strange substances that might get smoked or ingested at one of those concerts.

The hazy, straw-gold beer supports a head that refuses to leave lacing no matter how much I beg. Instead, it boils away to a thin veneer on top of the beer, and it lets the aroma of heavy citrus and grains permeate it just fine. I've always said that if beer makers want citrus added to their beer, they should add it at the brew-house, and it looks (or rather smells) like these guys have done that, and I applaud them even before tasting it.

First sip is very much a wheat beer. It is heavy in grains with wheat and barley blowing in the breeze downwind of a citrus grove. I expected the citrus to be front and center, but it's really doing a pretty good job of just hanging in the back and trying to prop up the grains and settle into them. Sourness is fairly prevalent throughout the mouth. It's good enough as a sipping beer, I guess.

Tip-in is actually more yeast than anything. Behind the yeast is the citrus and even floral notes. The middle comes with heavier citrus (pretty much just the lemon), sour dough bread, bananas, and earth. The overriding flavor here, really, is kind of a latent sourness that tinges everything it hits. The finish is abrupt crispness followed by a kind of haze of sour yeast in the trail-off, and it is colored by a couple dried banana chips.

Bottom Line: Not the best wheat beer out there. I can officially call this a hipster beer.



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