Founders PC Pils Pilsner

Pilsners in general have done pretty well on my blog, and that surprises me, as I would never have picked pilsners as one of my favorite styles, but I guess this is one of the things I am learning as time moves on. After all, I thought the same about other kinds of beers only to be proven wrong then, too.

The beer is a bright yellow, and if it was slightly more thin, I might mistake it for a macro brew. Instead, I enjoy the rather scant head that disappears pretty quickly to a light cap of bubbles that leaves no lacing. The aroma is a bit of pine, grapefruit, and grains.

First sip is... simple, I guess, is the most descriptive term. It's grains, some citrus, and some pine, but - no - I think the best word is maybe "crisp." It is sharp and direct, but it has malt as a kind of a grainy bread (like a five grain) cushion for the whole thing, too. It's straight-forward and actually not bad for sipping. Gulping? Let's find out.

Tip-in is more bready than grainy. The carbonation is very tingly as it brings out the citrus, and there's lots of that grapefruit citrus in there. The middle is more floral and pine than citrus, which seems really strange to me, and it gives the middle a more harsh feel and taste than it needs to be. The finish then comes along with a sharp grain and cracker malt and an abrupt cessation of the hops. The trail-off is a bit more hops, but only slight.

Bottom Line: Not the best Pilsner out there, but not too bad at all.



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