WG Brewing Wild Docta' Hard Soda

The previous two beverages I had from this company were the hard root beer and the ... not Mountain Dew (with alcohol). They were both pretty middle of the road, and I'm not sure any other than Coney Island Root Beer will ever actually make it into the realm of truly good beer replacements, but this Dr. Pepper beverage might add to the list.

The beverage is pretty much reddish-caramel color, just like Dr. Pepper. The aroma is very much like the aforementioned drink, but it has that familiar smell of heavy alcohol added in. I can't say any of this experience is different than what I expected at all. Will the taste give something up other than Dr. Pepper with alcohol added?

First sip is not mistakable in any way as the beverage it is supposed to taste like. Instead, it is to Dr. Pepper what root beer schnapps is to root beer. Yes, there is clearly an attempt to duplicate the taste, but you're using stuff that isn't the same, and you're trying to make it inherently more adult, so it loses something in the process. This loses, if nothing else, carbonation. Instead, it's syrupy and flat before alcohol is tossed onto the fire. Maybe a swig will tell me more.

Tip-in is flat. The carbonation adds a hint of burn, but it doesn't add the normal kind of ticle that a carbonated beverage should have. The taste under it is syrupy sweet with generic, store-brand Dr. Pepper substitute. The middle rings in a potentially even more flat store brand attempt, and it's not particularly satisfying. The finish makes things worse with a hit of hard, super-sweet syrup and alcohol topping.

Bottom Line: Not a fan.



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