Ballast Point Longfin Lager

Yet another beer from Ballast Point. What? I never did any Ballast Point before? That seems unimaginable; yet, a quick search of the blog (that search is at the right on the main page of my blog) proves out that I haven't reviewed a single one of their beers. Well, let's remedy that right now.

The pale yellow beer has a very white cap that is somewhat sticky. Lacing immediately above the top of the liquid is solid, but it follows the beer down. The aroma is a little bit funky, but it has the hallmark maltiness that I've come to expect from a good lager. The subtle yeast twang that is in there reminds me (and very few beers do) of the many, many nights spent enjoying beer at the Penn Brewery in Pittsburgh with my brother. That place absolutely dripped with the stuff.

First sip is quite mild. The malt is sweet and bready, and the spices keep the flavor going after it has long since left the mouth. The effect is very nice, and I could definitely see sipping this for quite some time. The flavor is dramatic enough that this wouldn't be an all-day lager (as those kinds of beers are much more watery than this one).

Tip-in is very light carbonation tickle with the bready sweetness. Yes, there is that yeast, but I can't taste any funkiness yet. The middle rolls in with rolls. Yeast and graininess give heft to the beer and the added spices make it feel richer than many of its lager brethren. The finish comes with snap of cold and bitterness. It's sudden and short, and the grains and bread trail off with spices dancing.

Bottom Line: A very good lager.



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