Brouwerij Bosteels Tripel Karmeliet

I don't know why I got a bunch of these Belgian beers lately, but I'm on a kick, so don't try and stop me. This one made it hard to find the actual brewer's name on the bottle. Normally, it's in big, bold letters on the front, but this one just tells me it's a Tripel Karmeliet (Dutch for Triple Carmelite). I don't know why they are hiding.

The faintly hazy golden beer has an aggressive white head that wants to take over the world. I swear, I poured this slowly down the side of the glass, and THIS is the head that it arrived at. Five minutes later, it was down about half, so I poured in some more beer; seems like this is going to take some time for me to get into. The aroma is distinctly blonde with cold grains and wheat blowing in the breeze.

First sip took a while for me to get to. It's got a very slight skunk to it around the fringes, but it's not skunked, and the wheat and yeast are up front. The beer has a tanginess to it that goes along with a sweetness, and the combo is pretty good. That skunkiness is more smelled - felt, really - right before the sip. The flavor has none of it. Will the full gulp?

Tip-in is a thick slab of bread with sweetness added. The carbonation isn't even a tickle - which is kind of odd in itself. The middle rolls in with more of a graininess to it. Lemons and pears dance with little peppercorns in their cute little wooden shoes. The finish comes in with slight tartness and citrus. It's a good enough ending to a better than average beer.

Bottom Line: Better than most, but not particularly special.



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