Stone Enjoy By 07.25.16 Tangerine IPA

This is my second "Enjoy By" beer from Stone. These guys are probably second only to Lagunitas with the ability to put out a large number of beers in decent volume that are still fantastic. Even though I have reservations about the tangerine in the beer, I am looking forward to it. I fear that this will be like Magic Hat #9, which certainly wasn't bad, but it definitely was trying to cover something up with the addition of apricot.

This is a golden-orange hued beer with a very nice, fluffy head that leaves lacing like it's a bride leaving her dress trailing after her down the isle. The aroma is surprisingly more grapefruit than tangerine, but I can smell the tangerine in there. I don't really smell distinct hops, so I suspect they are using citrus hops that are bringing out that grapefruit smell, and it's quite inviting.

First sip is the expected citrus spritzer. It is very tart, and the only thing making me think that this isn't just a mixture of grapefruit and tangerine is that there is no pulp, and there is definitely carbonation. The effect during a simple sip is that this would be excellent to drink on the back deck on a warm (or hot, I mean, this is Tennessee) summer day. I could see getting a few of these and splitting them with a good friend while shooting the... crap. But what if he or I were to swig?

Tip-in is citrus heavy, with more tangerine than grapefruit. light carbonation tingle is just about perfect for this stage of the beer. The middle arrives and... holy Moses. I didn't expect this cirtus-heavy beer to be smooth, but it is downright glassy. The fruits lose their tartness and just glide right down the gullet. The finish comes around with a hit of tart and some grain can be detected under the tangerine. The trail-off is simple fruity sweet-tart mist.

Bottom Line: Sublime and unique, Stone is just fantastic at these beers.



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