Good People Pale Ale

The other Good People beer that I had was good enough, and I have high hopes for how good this one might be. The fact that this is a pale ale - I understand - means that this should be easier to make, as you just add more hops if you screw something up, and everything will even out in the end. If you add too many hops, just call it an IPA.

The hazy gold beer has a crown of admirable stickiness that leaves lacing fit for a king. The aroma is excessively gentle. It's almost without smell, really; it's kind of spooky. This could be a glass of water that once flowed through a malt processing plant, and that's it. I'm guessing that this will be a very watery beer.

First sip is more full of taste than expected. In fact, it has hops that are making themselves well known. Instead of watery, this beer is dry. The sip is confusing, though, with the hops and the malt in a big ball of dry. So, the Good People don't want me to sip their beer - and I can play their game.

Tip-in is doughy malt and pine needles, and the carbonation tingle is minimal. The middle is much more hops than anything - with pine being the only kind here. There's no complexity in the middle, as the pine is having its way with all of the other ingredients. The finish comes along to change things up with bitterness and that dough. The pine doesn't really go away, though. It trails off, and the dryness settles in.

Bottom Line: The Good People probably need to revisit this one.



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