Founders Curmudgeon Old Ale

The roll of Founders continues on unabated. They produce some great beers, and this one is an odd duck. I've never even heard of an "old ale" before, and I consequently have nothing to compare it to. So, I guess I'll have to break new ground in beer types today, and it's just my game.

I'll go with calling this a deep, dark amber beer. The head dissipates quickly, but it leaves lacing on the sides well enough that I'll let it slide. I mean, it's not covering the sides or anything, but it's an artistic pattern that I find pleasing. The aroma is oak and molasses with what smells almost like mandarin oranges.

First sip is very heavy and rich like an after dinner liquor with a fancy label and too much sugar used in its making. It's laden with oak and sweetness on top of a kind of crème brûlée. The sweet crackling top is there, but the milky cream isn't actually underneath. Instead, that oak runs deep.

Tip-in is the oak, molasses, raisins, and sweetness. It's an inviting start that leads into the middle of rough scraping of carbonation on the top of the mouth, and under it is more of the molasses and dark fruits. The finish is a slap of bitterness without any sign of hops, really. It's all overpowered by the sugar, molasses, and oak.

Bottom Line: Definitely different than others, but different isn't always better.



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