Goose Island Four Star Pils

I like pilsners on the whole, and (early on in this blog) I found the one I can use as a yardstick in the Noble Pilsner from Sam Adams. I don't expect this one to match up with that one, but it claims to be a four star beer (out of what?) so they better bring something unique and awesome. If they do, I guess we both win.

The beer is a mostly clear golden color with a fluffy white head that leaves lacing that many other beers would aspire to have. The aroma is a bit grassy, floral, and even a little nutty. The smell is the EXACT smell I remember the Penn Brewery smelling like when I would have lunch there. They brew exclusively German-style beers at Penn, and they have some of the best Bratwurst I've ever had.

First sip is not a bad beer at all. It's a lot more bitter than I expected from a pilsner, but it has that bready, cracker, slightly nutty flavor that will bring people back to ask for more. The hops are noticeable enough, and they are probably more forward than in most pilsners, but that's okay by me, that's for sure. Time to turn it up to eleven.

Tip-in is very light carbonation tingle with a bit of a skunky taste to it; it's not a good setup, that's for sure. The bread is in the middle, and it leads the charge. It has the crackers and even the hops to back it up some, but the mouth is full of some quite delicious taste for the moment. The finish brings a muted bitterness from the hops and that funky taste that now compliments the rest of the beer very nicely.

Bottom Line: Four stars? Nah, but it's not that far off.



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