Founders Mosaic Promise

Founders produced one stinker, but most of their beers have been from medium to damn good. In fact, the most recent beer got the very rarely found top score on my blog, and that says something. This is branded as an "ale" with a single kind of hop and a single kind of malt. This seems odd to me, as most brewers try to mix up a batch of things to build a beer out of complimentary components that produce a delicious beverage. I'm curious about how this one will turn out.

The golden beer with a white, sticky head leaves a good amount of lacing on the sides of the glass while the aroma is a slightly funky hops with bready yeast backing it up. It's not an India Pale Ale, but it almost has the character of one to the nose. Turns out, there's a reason beer is imbibed, and that's because it is best judged through the taste buds.

First sip is more hoppy than your standard ale, but it's odd. Maybe I'm influenced by the label, but its single hop is like listening to a soloist when you're used to listening to a whole section of the orchestra. It's not bad, but it's a very different experience - it's more personal and intimate. I think this requires more study. Maybe a full quaff...

Tip-in is carbonation tingle and light citrus hops. The citrus that comes form the hops is lemon, no doubt about it. The middle brings a caustic rise in carbonation and acidity that overwhelms the hop taste. The bitterness is still there, but there is really just an undercurrent. The finish is where I expect the flavor to hit the high note, and it starts with a bitter twist that is quickly followed by a thick yeast and the resurgence of the lemon hops.

Bottom Line: It's simple and straight-forward, and I imagine it would be fantastic as an all-day IPA or the like, with a clean, crisp taste that is... uncomplicated.



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