Oskar Blues Pinner Throwback IPA

I don't know what a "throwback" IPA is, but I'm sure as heck willing to try it. The can has some strange sayings on it like "Can I Be Blunt," "Pack It In, Pack It Out," and "Sip, Sip, Give." So, I am guessing that this beer is slapped together by people who sat around in a room, tossed out tag lines that had no meaning, and then they picked the three best and... just wrote them wherever.

The beer is yellow-gold with a nice, fluffy white head. The aroma is lemon and yeast with grains bringing up the rear. It's inviting, but I'm not getting a hint as to what this whole "throwback" thing is. It smells like a good (if mild) IPA. Maybe that's how they used to make 'em. Maybe a sip will give me a better idea.

First sip is just enough flavor to be interesting, but a bit more watery than I am used to. The hops are there with their lemon and pine bitterness, but they feel like they are alone in a field of grain, crying over the lack of other flavors or a ... a soul. It's weak and feeble, but it wants to find a voice. Maybe if I let it shout.

Tip-in is carbonation burn, breads, and lemon. There's pine here, too. The tip-in is a bit more flavorful than I thought it was going to be - so I don't understand what might be coming next. What IS next is the middle, and it has a lot more grain and a lot less... everything else. It would be watery if it weren't for the grain, but the grain holds it up. The finish comes in with a sharp bitterness and pine. It's a tolerable finish, but it's hollow.

Bottom Line: Good, but not a stand-out.



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