Great Lakes "Eliot Ness" Amber Lager

So, did they call this "Eliot Ness" because they knew he has been dead long enough that anyone trying to make money off of his name (who has any legal right) is also dead? Who knows? All I know is that this is an amber beer, and I have historically liked large quantities of amber beers, so I am looking forward to this one.

The beer is a deep and clear amber-brown. The head even has a tinge of amber to it, which isn't usually the case and is quite nice. The aroma is stronger than most ambers - it's sweet malt dominating with a bit of a caramel twist. I expect a more flavorful twist on an old favorite, so let's see if I'm right.

First sip is citrus and sweet malt. The malt is only tinted by the citrus, and that malt is a bit complex. It's got a bit of honey and grains and biscuit with that lemony citrus. A sip is actually pretty freaking good. What will a gulp bring?

Tip-in is bready malt and lemon citrus, and the carbonation is a bit of a tingle. The middle is caramel and maybe some capsaicin? It may not be that, but it's something more harsh than I'm used to, but that doesn't make it bad. It's like a toffee infused with maybe a hop leaf or something gritty. The finish comes on with much more malt. The hops go away entirely, and the toffee and biscuits and even a hint of the lemon (okay, the hops aren't ALL gone) give the beer a very heavy texture as it trails off with a bit of sweetness.

Bottom Line: A very good amber. Very good, indeed.



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