Gouden Carolus Hopsinjoor

This is a Belgian beer with the word "hop" in the title. What does that mean? Will this blonde be less of a lager and more of an ale? Will it be more of an IPA? Well, that would be going a bit too far, I should think, but it does bode well for the mix that I might encounter.

It's a kind of orange-yellow tint on a gold beer with a white head. This is what a Belgian Blonde ale looks like, and it's a bit murky from the bottle conditioning. The aroma is that distinct Belgian yeast, a bit of citrus, and definitely bready. The whole thing feels and smells pretty great, and I wonder what the taste will be like.

First sip is very sweet and smooth. The yeast and bread are definitely dealing out taste right there in a way that is unabashed and manly (in a non-sexist way). The citrus really doesn't show up at all, but this is really just a sip, right? I mean, you can only get so much from this tiny little bit.

Tip-in is very light carbonation tingle and that delicious Belgian yeast. When the middle comes along, it's sweet and smooth as all get out. I don't know when I started to go nuts over Belgian beers, but this middle is a prime example of the kind of thing they can do; the bread and yeast dance around with a touch of honey. The finish is a crescendo of the bread and yeast, and it's joined by the hops and even a bit of fruit.

Bottom Line: A very nice beer to join the other Belgians out there.



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