Dogfish Head Squall IPA

Without my noticing, Dogfish Head has become one of the more highly rated beer makers on my blog. Discount the stinker, and they have been actually really good. I think I may actively go out and search for their beers, as they are showing a talent that I just wasn't giving them credit for, and that ends today.

It's a very alluring gold with a semi-sticky head that leaves more of an impression of lacing than actual lacing on the sides of the glass. The aroma is floral hops with a fruity addition of pears and melons. This is a big bottle, and I'm looking forward to seeing the bottom if it (well, almost the bottom. This is bottle conditioned, so I will probably skip the sediment at the very bottom).

First sip is very much not IPA-like. It is heavier on the malt than I expected, and that taste is very smooth. It has grains and they are cutting any hop bitterness very well. It really doesn't seem like an IPA to me - it's more of a dopplebock than anything. And that is... unexpected to say the least. Time to feel the whole thing right.

Tip-in is a rich honey malt with a sharp hop floral and citrus base. The middle comes along with freshly baked bread and that lovely citrus floating on top. It is excessively smooth, and I like it quite a bit. The finish needs to take this home, and it does just that with a muted bitter swing that is not too much to be a bite and not too small to be unnoticed. Instead, it is a character line on the face of a woman who is universally alluring.

Bottom Line: She's a good tasting beer. Not your typical IPA, but smooth and filled with a unique personality.



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