Devil's Backbone Danzig Baltic Porter

Yet another beer that has a completely useless tie-in to something that seems unnecessary. Sometimes these things work out, and sometimes they don't. I just wish they would stop, honestly, but I'm doing myself no favors by buying the beer that they are selling this way - I'm perpetuating the cycle.

Black beers are all the rage in my fridge. This one joins their ranks, and it brings a very thin head with an aroma of delicious oatmeal, coffee, smoked oak, and a hint of vanilla. The tremendous smell is inviting me into enjoying it like it is another incarnation of one of the Buffalo Sweat beers. Yes, those were stouts, and this is a porter, but the two styles have much in common.

First sip is not nearly as calm and collected at the Bufflo Sweat beers. This is a whole different beast. This is harder and more barbaric in its interpretation. It hits with the smoked oak and burnt crust of oatmeal like a bat filled with liquid taste. I like it, but it is bitter and self-obsessed. Let's dissect this with a real swig.

Tip-in is carbonation tickle and a coffee and smoke dance. As the middle rolls in, the vanilla and oatmeal give it substance while the smoke continues to wistfully hover above it all. Then, the finish sloshes in with a hit of bitterness and a solid hunk of oatmeal that has been on the stove way too long and an additional hit of coffee.

Bottom Line: A character building brew from the Baltic. I may look for more of the style.



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