Little Harpeth Chicken Scratch American Pilsner

This is another one of those pre-prohibition style beers. It's in the vein of the German pilsner's, but the call this one an American pilsner. Since it's brewed right here in Nashville, I want to go ahead and say that that's close enough to American. This is the first beer by Little Harpeth Brewing that I've had the opportunity to try, and I hope it follows in the footsteps of the good local breweries - not necessarily the popular ones.

Golden, and proud of it, this beer has a stark white head and is just this side of hazy. The aroma is significant and features greens, flowers, citrus, and I think I can even smell some hops in there. It's a pretty beer, and it's one I could see on an advertisement for something where they needed a prop that looked exactly like beer needs to look. This is that kind of beer.

First sip is very crisp. It's sweeter than I expected, and I guess that's all coming from the malt. The citrus and the flowers are definitely standing out as well. The citrus is more lemony than orange, and there's no bite at the end, either. The malt is kind of spongy sweet at the beginning, but the ending is very crisp, just like I said. I wonder what the swig would be like...

Tip-in is sweet and bready with flowers lovingly draped across the top of that bread. The citrus kicks up as the middle comes on, and the greens dig in their heels right at the tongue. None of it's particularly overwhelming, it's light, and certainly easy to drink at this point. The finish takes a slight bitter turn, as the flowers reassert themselves with the lemons backing them up, but then the grain just trails off very gently at the end.

Bottom Line: A solid Pilsner that would probably have been even better on a warm day instead of the cold one I've had today. At least I finished off this cold day with a different kind of cold one.



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