Fat Bottom KnockOut IPA

I searched for a while to find a good Nashville beer. Eventually, I got past the crappier local breweries and found some really good ones. This is a new one for me, so I figured I would take it for a spin. I want to encourage small brewers who have a knack for a particular style, and I understand that IPAs are the easiest to make.

The copper-colored beer has a nice, white head that leaves very little lacing, but it leaves a soft, fluffy pillow that is about a quarter inch floating on top. It's a pretty good presentation for a beer in general, and I am partial to IPAs, so I really like the look of this. The aroma is citrus, pine, and even some grain. It's fairly light, but there may be good things underneath.

First sip is sweeter than I expected. It's also not particularly... flavorful. In fact, I might say it's downright watery. Either way, it certainly doesn't have the kick of bitterness or the dynamic flavor of hops that I would expect from a proper IPA. It's entirely possible that a sip isn't the way to go with this one. Maybe a full swig...

Tip-in is light citrus and carbonation tickle; there may be a bit of grain underneath, but it's hard to pick out. The middle comes along with a bit of carbonation burn and some biscuits. Unfortunately, the middle is very, very watery. The finish eventually staggers in with a kind of hop funk and a bit of pine.

Bottom Line: Uninspired and watery, this does not do a very good job of carrying the style.



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