Blue Point Toasted Lager

A properly toasted malt may result in a splendid beverage that delights in all manner of ways. The trick is to toast it properly, mix it well, and have all of the necessary complimentary ingredients. Of course, that's also what is necessary for any good beer, so this one isn't really sitting on its own plinth in the middle of the jungle, is it?

I'm genuinely surprised how amber this beer is. It's almost as red as a Killians or the like, and it's just as clear. It's got a nice white head on it, but the head isn't sticky at all (like most lagers) so, there isn't any lacing, but it leaves about an 1/8th inch of suds on the top. For presentation, then, this beer is doing well. The aroma is predictably malty, but I don't actually smell the toasted nature of the malt at all. There's an earthy smell, with maybe a bit of grass with a touch of citrus.

First sip is very smooth. Sometimes with lagers you get a disquieting, overly malty taste that takes you out of the moment that you are enjoying your beer in with a dull, spongy, or dirty taste. This seems pretty well balanced. Well, it seems well balanced in a sip, which is the same as saying that an island looks nice when seeing it through a porthole from two miles away. Let's try a swig.

Tip-in is bready, sweet malt - like a biscuit with a sweet honey and lemon glaze on the top. The middle becomes more lemony and fairly caustic. I'm not sure why it's so harsh, but it certainly seems that way. As the finish comes along, overtones of funk drift in while the toasted grains sweep underneath. If this were a song, it would be discordant.

Bottom Line: It's kind of unfortunate that I had to buy a whole six pack of this just to try it.



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