Tallgrass Brewing Vanilla Bean Buffalo Sweat Oatmeal Cream Stout

So, I really enjoyed the last Buffalo sweat oatmeal cream Stout that I had, and it looks like they just added vanilla to this one. I'm fine with that. Maybe the vanilla will kind of cut the coffee taste a bit – I have repeatedly pointed out that I'm not a fan of coffee – to make it a more pleasant experience overall for me. Honestly though, if they just match how much I liked the previous incarnation of this beverage, it'll be worth trying today.

The head is very tan. I think it's darker than the one that didn't have the no added, and I can't really figure out why. The beer itself is the same colored deep, deep brown, and I find that shade particularly alluring. I lean into smell, and I can't really pick out the vanilla. I can still smell the smoke you would, and the kind of burnt oatmeal and coffee, but the vanilla appears to be too light for me to smell. Maybe my nose just as insensitive enough.

First sip is definitely lighter than the other version, but it still has that kind of gritty, earthy taste that goes along with the coffee and the smokiness. I think I can make out some high vanilla tones, but that deep, dark spirit of the beer kind of overwhelms the vanilla. I'm not saying it's bad, I'm just saying I expected more vanilla in my beer that has it featured so prominently on the label. Well, I guess it's time to move on to a full swig.

Tip–in is smoky roast and oatmeal. There's a very light carbonation sizzle that is actually pretty nice. The middle is almost exactly like the other version of this beverage, creamy and smoky. Carbonation keeps sizzling a bit, but it kind of fades into the background. In the finish, the vanilla seems to almost overpower the chocolate and coffee flavors that were in the other version. It's not that you can't taste them, but the vanilla is front and center which is kind of what I expected. Overall, the beer isn't quite as earthy as the other one, but I think I might like it more.

Bottom Line: Tallgrass Brewing clearly knows what they're doing, and I'll drink as much as the buffalo will sweat.



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