Karlsberg AC/DC Rock or Bust

I still can't decide if these kinds of tie-in beers are a good thing. Fact is, it is enough to draw people into the beer, but it doesn't guarantee the deliciousness of the beer. So, we're left with the same issue as every other beer - who made it, and how good were they? Well, it's a German brewer and an Australian rock band. I've heard of the band, but I don't remember the last Karlsberg beer I've had. I know I had one once, but...

The foamy beer has a sticky head sitting atop a clear, light gold beverage. Lacing is very nice, and the aroma is light biscuits, a little grain, and a bit of citrus. It's a bit more indistinct than I had hoped, but it's not off-putting at all. I'm sure no brewer hopes for that sentence in a review, so I'm just going to move on.

First sip is uninspired. It honestly reminds me of a domestic macro-brew lager more than it reminds me of an ale. I think it taste more like a wheat beer, really, and there's no indication on the can that it is anything in particular, which is why I searched, and some place on the internet said pale ale. It's just not as inspired as the music that it purports to represent. It's kind of bland, it's heavy on malt, and it actually reminds me a bit of the first blonde that I had a long while ago - and I was not a fan. Maybe this will improve on a full swig.

Tip-in is a slight carbonation with grains and maybe a hint of citrus. As the middle comes on down the pike, it gets a lot smoother than I expected. It still isn't a great taste, but it's smooth. Likewise, the finish is very crisp, with a kind of sour or tart taste rounding out of the grainy citrus and halfway done, wet bread.

Bottom Line: Not as good as the rock and roll from whence it came.



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