Guinness Nitro IPA

I'm not going to go over my disdain toward Guinness' decisions surrounding their products again. Go back and read my last complaints about it if you want my thoughts. Here, we have Guinness adding the little nitrogen widget to a can of IPA. This is their IPA, and it may be good (and I hope it is) but IPAs aren't naturally nitrogenated, and it would seem to me that their time might be better spent putting the widget back in the Guinness bottles.

The beer has a nice, fluffy white pillow of really dense, tiny bubbles atop a golden brown beer. The aroma is a little bit yeasty, but the floral hops really overwhelm almost everything. It's not even that they are particularly striking, though. Instead, the whole smell is kind of elusive unless you really get down in it.

First sip is watery and weak. It has a vague impression of a mediocre beer, but there just isn't a whole lot of anything actually happening. The whole thing is more of an aftertaste than an actual taste. It's not a sipping beer, then. Is it a properly drinking beer? Let's find out.

Tip-in is kind of vague caramel with mild nitrogen burn and a ton of water. It leads into more nothing water with a kind of back-of-the-sock-drawer mustiness to it. The finish is harsh and disrupts my vibe. It tingles on the tongue while the taste just gets that back-of-the-sock-drawer mustiness even louder. I'm going to stop drinking it now.

Bottom Line: Not good at all. What the hell happened to Guinness?



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