Stella Artois Cidre

The first Stella I had was middle of the road, and that was very disappointing. Ciders have not been great across the board. That all said, even the crappiest brewer can produce awesomeness, and some ciders are very good. Let's look at this with fresh eyes and a soul full of hope.

She's a golden beverage with a white head that runs away like a hunter when he finds out there is a sale on ammo at Wal-Mart. The aroma is decidedly more wine-like than most other ciders I've had. It's a bit floral and, not too surprisingly, apple.

First sip is like a very mild apple wine. It seems to have a bit of a bite at the front end, then it gets all apple and such, and then it has a bit of a carbonation burn to remind you that they were really trying to make something interesting when they made this beverage, so you just shut the hell up and enjoy it. After all, this is the beer maker that refers to chalices in their ads, so they know what they are doing better than you do, dammit! Let's see if they know what a swig is.

Tip-in is a bit of carbonation burn and some Granny Smith apples. They are a bit tart. Wait - they are actually quite a bit tart. The middle absolutely scrapes at the top of the mouth with carbonation and acidic burn. Sweetness bubbles underneath, but that burn is pretty overwhelming. As the finish comes down the road, swirls of carbonation wrap the tongue, and flavors are all dead underneath that. There may be some sweetness left on the lips, but there's little to it.

Bottom Line: Just not the best. Spell cider right, and then make it better.



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