Bell's Two Hearted Ale

I've not had a Bell's beer before, but the guys at City Sliquors recommended it, and those guys haven't steered me wrong yet. They had just gotten this beer in for their growlers as well as bottles, but the tap was going to take a bit, as the beer had been jostled during shipping. So, I am stuck with a bottle, and that's just fine by me.

The beer is hazy and coppery in color. It's like a penny that's been sitting in a pocket for a few years, and that includes a few wash cycles. The significant head is sticky and leaves a nice lacing down the sides of the glass. The aroma is delightfully light and hoppy with floral hops and sweet, bready malt.

First sip is very unexpected and pretty goddamn good. It's WAY more mild than I expected. Normally, a hoppy beer tends to bite a bit with bitterness, and that's a very good taste when that's the kind of mood you're in. This one has the clear taste of the floral hops and it is cut just about perfectly by the bready malt. It has a bit of citrus in there with a touch of grains to boot. The whole thing comes across like an ultimate version of an All-Day IPA.

A proper swig will let me know if the sip is properly reflective of the depth of the beer. Tip-in is sweet malt and gentle carbonation tickle. There's a light floral flavor going on above the whole thing. The middle brings more delicious malt and a distinct hoppy twang. That twinge develops into a bit of a bitter finish that is laced with grains and citrus. The only let down is the fact that the beer will be gone soon.

Bottom Line: Absolutely spectacular.



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