Jekyll Big Creek Kolsch

The brewer is unknown to me, but I got a few different samples of their wears, and I have unrealistically high expectations for them because that's just the way I roll. There's no good reason to NOT expect a beer brewer to produce a shocking good beer, and that's exactly what I'm bringing into this review - like it or not.

It's a very pale yellow with a head that is white as they come and pretty darn thick. It doesn't really leave any lacing on the sides, and that gives me a little bit of a sad. The aroma is a vary faint bread and maybe apple or pear. I'm not sure what I expected from the beer, but this is ticking the boxes for... being very beer.

First sip is actually pretty nice. It's a very sweet malt that makes the whole beer about as mild as a warm cup of tea. It's not so sweet that it's a soft drink or anything, I mean, it still has some hops adding a bit of bitterness and topping off the flavor, but this is actually reminding me of an All Day IPA in that I could see knocking back like 12 of these over the course of a day (if that were the kind of life I actually had). I imagine a full draught would really show the depths of this thing.

Tip-in is soda water. It is literally the most tasteless thing I think I've ever done a review of. All I get is carbonation burn. The middle becomes a fine bread with a floury top. There is that slight hint of pear that kind of spices it a bit. As the finish arrives, it brings a bit of bitterness to balance out the sweetness of the malt. The finish isn't harsh - it's a bit creamy. The whole experience is a pretty good one in either a sip or a full manly swig.

Bottom Line: A nice, crisp beer that doesn't attack you with taste so much as enjoys the ride with you.



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