Strongbow Honey Hard Apple Cider

The second sampling from my latest batch of Strongbow ciders. The first one went well, and I have hopes for this as well. After all, honey is a core ingredient in a lot of fermented beverages, and I like it when a brewer who has shown capability starts to branch out.

The color is pretty much the same as most of the others. It may have a bit more of a honey color, but it's generally golden as apple juice tends to be (from concentrate). The aroma, however, is quite different than the apple smell I'm used to. Instead, it has a syrupy aroma almost like a sweet wine. In fact, the smell puts me in mind of the mead that I had a little while back.

First sip is pleasant enough. It's sweet, but mild. It tastes like a watered down apple wine, and I suppose that is essentially what it is. The honey has added sweetness and a bit of depth. There is even a bit of tartness toward the end of the sip, and it makes me wonder how a swig goes down.

Tip-in is almost sickly sweet. It seems to mellow a bit for the middle, but it's still almost Pepsi sweet with its apple and honey. When the finish starts, a tart taste grips the tongue and does not let go. Like, it NEVER lets go. There's more sweet that tries to mellow it a bit, but the tart is just too much for it.

Bottom Line: Not as good as the others. Too sweet for its own good. Still not the worst, that's for sure.



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