Huyghe Delirium Nocturnum Belgian Ale

The Delirium Tremens that I had before was a very, very good beer indeed. If this sibling of it is nearly as good, it was worth the money (and they were both not cheap). The bottle is, again, corked and made to seem like ceramic. It makes the whole experience seem more like an event.

It's deep brown with a slight raspberry hint to the color. The thick, full head dissipates faster than I would have expected, but it leaves lacing on the side, so it gets a good vote. The aroma was noteworthy right from the pop of the cork as a malt with very dark fruit air about it. I'm a bit reluctant to drink this beer right now, as the beer is clearly complex and should probably be eaten with a knife and fork.

First sip is not the kick in the teeth I feared. Instead, it's a sweet and complex beer that has strong flavors mixed with the subtleties that really seem like they support the impressive dark and sweet malt with their grainy, earthy depth. I wouldn't have expected a beer like this to be good for sipping, but I could likely sip it all night long. But, I am an Irishman, and that is not my way. Time to swig.

Tip-in is raisins and prunes. The tickle of carbonation is a rare treat - perfect. It doesn't burn harshly, and the beer isn't flat. instead, the carbonation compliments the dark of the beer with a lightness of spirit. The middle is a retard of sensation. It's not watery. Instead, it becomes a bit of a beer equivalent of just a big slab of meat. The malt is thick and flavorful without overwhelming anything. Instead, it enjoys just being a beer. As the finish arrives, the earth and twigs stick out and fill the mouth with the sweet malt diving deep and growing strong.

Bottom Line: Sublime and delightful. It surpasses its sibling.



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