Hot Pursuit (2015)

I went into this movie thinking it couldn't possibly be as bad as everyone said it was. I mean, Reese Witherspoon has been in some bad movies, but she is an Academy Award winning actress who consistently brings her best game on screen. She doesn't settle for just pushing out a lousy movie like Adam Sandler or Cuba Gooding Jr.Well, that is what I thought going in.

What a lousy movie. Maybe it was the fact that Reese also produced this movie that made her go... nuts, I guess? She can do comedy, but I don't know what this was supposed to be. I never found myself laughing, and I never found myself even cracking a smile. This is not a comedy. This is a cautionary tale for award-winning actresses who want to branch out and do semi-slapstick, formulaic comedies with people who they simply have no on-screen chemistry with.

Well, Reese plays the by-the-book cop who is so bumbling in most of her actual police work to the point that she simply isn't taken seriously (think of a less funny version of Will Ferrell in The Other Guys). She was raised by a cop to be a cop, and that's all she's ever lived for even though she seems very poorly trained in the actual work. After an incident where she tazed a kid because he called shotgun, she is relegated to a desk job (again, like an unfunny Will Ferrell).

She is seemingly randomly picked to help protect a man and his wife who are going to testify against some drug lord. Well, wouldn't you know that something wacky happens and Reese winds up on the run with Sofia Vergara in tow. Sofia is a tall and hot woman who uses this to her advantage at nearly all times. The wacky thing is... wait for it... these two don't get along, are like complete opposites, and they have to figure out a way to survive the killers AND EACH OTHER! I mean, how original is this?

It is frankly pretty nuts to think of Reese as not being hot in this movie. It's like when they tried to make Sandra Bullock ugly in the beginning of Love Potion No. 9 - it is far too obvious that they are trying to make a pretty girl less attractive. So, they concentrate on her height, which the news people progressively keep making shorter and shorter. And Sofia's character is sensitive about her age so - get this - the SAME newscasts keep claiming she's older and older! I know! Wacky!

Don't even watch this movie for a gag. It's not worth the effort.

Direction was bad
Editing was moderate
Acting was bad
Dialog was crap
Story was absolutely terrible

Bottom Line: Someone (Reese) is fighting below their weight class.



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