Founders Dry Hopped Pale Ale

With one notable exception, Founders has given me good to excellent beers. This is a pale ale that proudly proclaims its dry-hopped origin, so I'm hopeful about the hops in this thing. They know how to make a beer, and I'm expecting that they will apply that know-how to this beer.

The light amber beer re-absorbs its head in due time, and it leaves significant lacing on the sides. I've noticed that very hoppy beers tend to do that, and this beer has the distinct floral hop smell buried under the caramel malt and citrus that comes through a lot stronger. All told, it smells tasty, if not well enough hopped. But, it's a pale ale, not an India pale ale, so a little lighter on the hoppiness is just fine.

First sip is a bit bland. It definitely has the caramel malt and a bit of citrus, but it is just coming across as fairly watery, and this was not what I signed up for. I wanted a beer with a bit of flavor and a bit of charm, and this has left me feeling... empty. Empty and angry - I bought a six pack of these things. Wait, just wait. I have not given this beer the right treatment. A swig is due.

Tip-in is loads of carbonation burn with citrus and caramel swooshing around like it's a party. The middle sends the carbonation to the roof of the mouth to cause havoc while the malt becomes a bit more like bread on the bottom with a honey glaze on top. the hops are definitely lurking in the background, trying to bolster the whole experience. The finish comes in with a wave of bitterness that starts on the bottom of the mouth and rises quickly. Hops are forward, and then the retreat to let citrus be the lasting impression along with the bitterness.

Bottom Line: I expected more, and I expected better, but it is probably a very good compliment to some heavy or salty food.



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