Founders Devil Dancer Triple IPA

All of the Founders beers that I've tried have been above average. Triple (or tripel) beers have had about the same run. Now that they are together, this sould make for a delightful beer, and I'm going to enjoy the living crap out of it.

Wispy eddies of sediment swirl in the middle of the red-amber hued beer with a thick and sticky head. The aroma is an oddly sweet-smelling hops. There is no mistaking the fact that this is an IPA, and I don't mind that one bit. I like a hoppy beer, and this is hoppy. I assume the sweet smell is coming from the malt, and if the mixture is just right, this could really be a winner.

First sip is a strong and somewhat sour taste. I had not expected this, but that's what you get for having preconceptions. Mind you, those preconceptions are based on the aroma of the beer I'm drinking, but they are coloring my enjoyment of the beer. I'm taking another sip... Second sip is much better. Now that I'm not expecting a hop-fest, I can appreciate the caramel malt that is very much forward. On to the swig for a proper dissection.

Tip-in is pine hops and sweet caramel malt. There are various dark fruits also vying for attention, and there is no carbonation burn to drown them out. The tip-in is almost candy sweet. The middle is almost brown liquor with its strength. Even with the strength, the overall taste is actually pretty mellow. Finish is that sour malt followed by some more floral hops and then the malt sweetens. I jumped to the wrong conclusion with that first sip. This is a fairly nice beer.

Bottom Line: Not hoppy, but a malty IPA. It is strong, but it has character.



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