The Returned (2013)

This has nothing to do with the TV series of a similar name. This is a movie about the world after a zombie virus breakout. There is a protein that is suppressed to stop people from turning, but the protein can only be harvested from current undead, and it has to be given to suppress the protein every day. That's where we find ourselves at the beginning of this movie.

So, you have a second class of citizen that has been created as an underclass that is generally disliked by the public. As a result of their requirement to take a shot every day, these people are considered ticking time bombs. So, there are demonstrations, protests, and there is generally accepted casual prejudice against them. and there is a social stigma against anyone who is openly one of "The Returned" which includes one of our main characters, for obvious reasons.

Kris Holden-Ried is the man who is infected and has to deal with the issues surrounding his status. He struggles with telling his best friend, he deals with his students who don't know his status and offend him with casual comments, and he deals with all of the little things that are tossed around against him and his kind in life. He does a pretty good job of acting through his distracting beard and guitar playing.

Emily Hampshire is the wife who is also a doctor who helps The Returned overcome the virus and get reintroduced into regular life. That's how she met Kris and married him. Unfortunately, Emily is an absolutely terrible actress. She doesn't sell any of her scenes, even when she tries to show some emotion, it is impressively bad.

Acting is Luke warm at best
Direction is lacking
Effects were okay
Cinematography was okay
Story was at least different

Bottom Line: Not breaking any new ground, but not necessarily following in the same, plodding footsteps as every other zombie movie.



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