Southern Prohibition Suzy B Dirty Blonde Ale

This is not the first Dirty Blonde I've had. This one comes from the same brewer as the Jack The Sipper ESB that I enjoyed very much. This package has three different beers, and this is the second of the bunch. I've had a checkered past with wheat beers - I'm not a fan of beers that require you to add fruit to make it taste right. This is not a wheat beer, but they added wheat to it, and I wonder if this will result in a superior beverage or disaster.

The beer is a hazy gold with a fluffy white head that dissipates slowly to leave a fair amount of lacing on the sides of the glass. One could be forgiven for thinking that the presentation is that of a domestic macro-brew with a particularly dirty glass. The aroma gives away the game, however, with a lemon and grainy effect coming off the top of the glass.

First sip makes me suspect that this is actually a wheat beer with packaging that claims to be blonde. It is a fistful of lemon zest and wheat grains, but it is impressively drinkable. It is smooth, despite the rather striking flavors involved. The easy, smooth taste reminds me of the All Day IPA that I had recently. It manages to have a lot of character while still being laid back about the whole thing. It's pretty impressive for just a sip. On to the main event - the swig.

Tip-in is pure lemon and carbonation followed immediately with the grains. They taste almost sweet. The middle hits with a bit more carbonation burn to accompany the grainy, grassy wheat. As the finish meanders in, it gives a short shot of bitterness from the hops before easing it off again into sweet malt, grains, and earth.

Bottom Line: A smooth and delicious beer. The sharper edges peek out when gulped, but a very good effort.



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