Southern Prohibition Devil's Harvest APA

This is the third and last of my SPB tastings. So far, these things have been pretty darn good. These guys like their dry hopping, and I have to say that it's working for them. The examples of West Coast IPAs so far have really made me think that this might be my new favorite style.

The murky depths of the deep golden beer looks almost exactly like the Simply Apple apple juice I like so much. The sticky head is the giveaway, but the scent would give it away even sooner than that. Hops and citrus sitting on a biscuit greet the nose with a warm welcome.

A sip brings a simple but powerful beverage that has some very nice piney hops that are cut very nicely with some malt to give a sweet sensation rather than getting all bitter from those delicious hops. The citrus is in there, too. It adds a certain acidic quality that definitely enhances the entire drink, but a sip isn't the way to drink a good beverage.

Tip-in is a mild orange with carbonation just nuzzling the tongue a bit. The middle has a bitterness and a biscuit with carbonation swirling around and burning everything in sight. The finish sends a bitter wave that is followed by lemon zest and pine hops. The experience is a good one, and the fact is that I can't even tell that this originated in a can in the first place - which is a surprise and a delight.

Bottom Line: A very nice, if unsophisticated hoppy beer.



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