Evil Twin Brewing Ryan and the Beaster Bunny

I had an Evil Twin beer before, and I was not impressed, but I've had farmhouse ales before, too, and I seem to like them quite a bit. This situation should make the best of chances for Evil Twin making a darn good beer that I will enjoy tremendously (not to set the bar too high for them).

It's the color of pale straw, and the head reduces to a patchy webwork of bubbles trying to cluster as a heard without seeming to do so, so it's a lazy grouping, but it's still a grouping. The aroma is grains and oranges. It's a bit more spiky than I'd expect from a laid-back farmhouse ale, but I came for a good beer, and I expect this should be one.

First sip is an interesting mix of overly-strong and a bit too timid. It seems to hit with bitterness from floral hops almost immediately after a carbonation burn slaps the tongue with no gentility. Then, all of the sudden, the bottom drops out, and the finish is the ghost of a malt. It doesn't linger for a particularly long time, and the ghost is gone as quickly as it came. A proper swig must sort this out.

Tip-in is floral hops and carbonation burn. Not a little burn, but a three story fire. No, it's not a whole apartment complex, but there's more going on than there really should be. The middle is rough grains and hovering citrus with a soft biscuit sitting underneath it all; the middle is actually not bad. As the finish approaches, a lemon sparks a debate, than a subtle bitterness drives the point home with wheat, grass, and some earth blending it out.

Bottom Line: It's not the greatest or worst beer, but it might do very well against some thick, salty foods and the like.



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