Mayday Ozzy's Special Barrel Aged

I'm used to boutique beers. The Cammo beers that I get are so small batch that I'm pretty sure Cameron can lift the whole batch and carry it across a parking lot in one go. This one was reportedly delivered to my favorite distributor by the owner of Mayday brewing personally. It's not available anywhere else nor is there even a bottle for it. Instead, it comes in growler form with someone else's label on it. I've had Mayday beers while I was out before, and it's a local Murfreesboro, TN brewery. I'm hoping they do the local town proud.

The tempting beverage is so deep brown that it might be easily mistaken for black. The head is full and mighty, and it declines to a thin veneer of tiny bubble floating on top with not a care in the world. The aroma is dark and suspicious malts with a nutty overtone. There's something thick and potent hiding underneath with an orange rind wrapped around it like a protective cloak.

First sip means a big old blast of nutty flavor with some dark fruits. The overwhelming taste, however, is an aged wood. It is a very smooth drink, which is very different from any of the other beers that I've had that were aged in a barrel that had been used for liquor before. They were all overpowered by the latent taste of the phantom drinks and added little of their own character. This one is different, and it compliments with the other tastes.

A proper swig may be stratospheric for this beer, and I'm finding out now. Tip-in is nuts, smokey oats, and oak. The middle rushes in inappropriately with a bit more smoke, adding in a dash of carbonation around the tongue, and there isn't a hint of any heavy liquor past a resurgence of nuts. The finish gives a hit of bitter right at the end of the middle, and then a brown liquor appears to take a very short bow before nuts and honey run away down the tongue to enjoy their life in the tummy. The general taste really reminds me of the very good Lazy Magnolia, but it has a bit more edge.

Bottom Line: A very interesting take on barrel aged beer. The best I've had (sorry, Innis and Gunn).



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