Founders Dissenter Imperial IPL

Founders has put out some damn good beers. I have had experience with IPLs, as well, and they have not particularly sparked my interest. If there is a beer company that might be able to put a good beer in this bottle, I would expect Founders to stand as good a chance as any. Time to pour.

The beer is a hefeweizen cloudy yellowed gold. Maybe it's not quite orange enough for a hefeweizen, but the fairly sticky head leaves a goodly amount of lacing on the sides while the aroma seems unfettered by a simple fluffy pillow of suds. The pine and floral hops lead the way, but other, more interesting ingredients intermingle in the undercurrent. I can smell orange and lemon and even some bread in there. 

First sip is very much not what I expected. The label says IPL, the smell said IPA, but the taste says, wha? I taste a bitter kick and a sourness that doesn't seem like it's coming from the hops. There is a metallic taste in there that throws things off a bit as well. This is not a sipping beer. Everything is off about this, and it seems only right that I give it the best chance it has of getting out of this sipping hole - a big swig.

Tip-in is carbonation and piney hops with a slight glint of metal. The middle is more complex, with oranges and bread right in the middle of the mouth and a the carbonation burn heading to the sides of the mouth. The finish is unpleasant. It hits with a strong sour with pine and citrus following. I normally like very flavorful beers, and Founders is no exception, but this beer is probably just above average, based on the middle alone. 

Bottom Line: Good and bad, this is a very complicated beer.



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