Elysian Dayglow IPA

Another beer from my brother. This one sports a kind of insane, hallucinogenic tiger with rainbows coming out of its eyes. It's an IPA, so it already has a better shot at winning my heart than the coffee-based Survival Stout that I had yesterday. I certainly like a good IPA. West coast IPAs seem particularly good.

The hazy golden yellow beer has a nice head that loosely sticks to the sides of the glass and leaves a little bit of lacing to let you know it was there, but it decided to fall back into the liquid, and you should just deal with that. The floral hops put off a very faint aroma that is just about noticeable when you stick your nose right down in it. I expected a heavier hop smell from an IPA, but I won't let that put me off.

First sip is a healthy IPA. It's hops are very floral, and there is citrus there to balance things out a bit. The malt is cutting the bitterness with gusto while remaining in the background. There are hints of more complicated tastes, but the vast majority of everything I can taste is that citrus (I think oranges) and the floral hops. It's quite good, for a sip.

A good swig brings tip-in of citrus and light floral hops. The middle is something else entirely. It swims with biscuits and grainy somethings that combine with the hops to produce an odd sensation at the roof of the mouth. The carbonation is adding to the effect, but I'm not sure I've tasted something like this before. It finishes off with sweetness from the malt and dies away with another hit of hops, but with minimal bitterness.

Bottom Line: West Coast IPA done right.



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