Left Hand Brewing Milk Stout

I did a review of the excellent Left Hand Brewing Nitro Milk Stout, but I somehow forgot to do a review of this traditionally carbonated beverage. After having been less impressed with the Wake Up Dead stout, it seemed only right to give this brewer the benefit of what will undoubtedly be a very good review. That said, I'm not going to be pulling any punches or anything.

The pour is a majestic cherry black with a thick head of suspiciously small bubbles that dissipate to a thin veneer stretched across the black abyss of beer. The aroma of coffee and thick, sweet malt overwhelms the nose even from a few feet away. It is a luxuriously thick and tantalizing smell that makes me want it even more.

First sip is like having one Lays. It's a tease to the taste buds that is cruel and inhumane. The sweet malt and dark coffee roast long to be imbibed with more vigor, but the sip itself is still tremendous - and it hints at why may lurk underneath for those who dare quaff their beverage. For the time, the smokey finish lingers in the mouth like a toasted marshmallow that has been swallowed but not forgotten. More information is required for this review. Yes, I'm going to swig.

Tip-in is sweet coffee and unexpected toffee. As the middle approaches, a smooth milk has prickly bits of bitterness on the outside, nipping at the whole mouth before the creamy smooth center drips down the back. As the middle subsides, the finish brings a chocolate bitterness and a the smoke from the tip-in returns to send off the sweet milky swirls.

Bottom Line: This is an excellent beer. I'm thinking it is the best Left Hand Brewing beer made.



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