Stone Delicious IPA

From the makers of Arrogant Bastard comes this IPA that they arrogantly called "Delicious." I'm not sure they can judge their own beers, but I hope they are on the money. I have heard so many good things about this brewery, and I want to see the spark that everyone else sees.

The slight orange hue makes this beer more amber than gold. The sticky head leaves copious amounts of lacing on the side - very attractive. The aroma is bready and very thick with floral hops. I detect some spiciness to the beer as well, and I can't wait to try some... in fact, why wait?

First sip is a laid back affair. It's like a simple hamburger that is well crafted, but it doesn't have to try too hard to be delicious. This beer has light spices and citrus with the floral hops, and the taste is simple and elegant. I'm almost afraid to take a full swig, as the sip is probably the best way to drink it, but I give you readers what you want. And what you want (I assume, as most of you never say anything) is me drinking beer quickly and watching crappy movies. I don't have a movie available right now, so I'm going to just drink the beer.

Tip-in is bready malt and those lovely floral hops. I'm not sure I want the middle to come - I want all tip-in. the middle does come, though, and it brings a bit of a fire on the tongue with carbonation while the lemon is substantially more pronounced. The middle is not something I'm loving. As the finish approaches, thing get more heated with a prickly carbonation burn and some pine. I can't say this is a beer for drinking quickly.

Bottom Line: Not a bad beer, but not as good as many, many others. Delicious? No, just good.



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