Evil Twin Molotov Cocktail

I have never had an Evil Twin beer before. I'm not saying this is make or break for them, but my recent experience with Green Flash (combined with a friend's anecdote) have all but made me swear off of them with a single beer under my belt. Let's hope Evil Twin works out better.

A translucent, hazy beer, it is the color of light copper. The aroma is sweet and floral. I suspect they added enough sweet malt to cover the bitterness of the hops and then some. There isn't a whole lot of head to it, and it goes away very quickly. The remnants are a mere wisp of bubbles clinging for dear life around the edge of the glass. There isn't enough of a head to leave any lacing, so that's kind of a disappointment. But lacing is just window dressing, and it's the taste that makes a beer.

First sip is sweet as all get out. It has a LOT of sweetness to it with some nuts and flowers added for good measure, but that is just a whole heck of a lot of sweet. I've had sweet beers before, but this is likely the sweetest I've ever had. there is a slight tartness left on the tongue afterward, and I am looking forward to a lot more separation in the full draught.

Tip-in is carbonation burn and a light floral breeze. It is surprisingly simple and tame compared to the sip, but I know there is more lurking in the beer. As the middle comes, it positively wallops the taste buds with sweet malt - and I mean sickly sweet. There is still the floral hops, some orange, and pine. Somehow, the bitterness from the pine and hops manage to coexist with the sickly sweet malt. As the finish arrives, a wave of bitterness and another wave of sickly sweetness crosses the tongue as pine and sweet malt are left on the lips.

Bottom Line: It might be great for some people, but it is not the right mixture for me.



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