Smuttynose Old Brown Dog Ale

Smuttynose has brought me some interesting beers. This is their attempt at a brown ale, and my experience with brown ales has not been overwhelmingly positive so far. I certainly hope that this will be a good one, but it seems like this is dangerous ground for me to be wading into.

The color is brown. There is no ambiguity about that color at all- it's a deep, dark brown like if they took a UPS uniform and wet it down until it was really, really dark. The head is minimal, thick enough, and it leaves a ring and some stray bits of foam across the top of the beer. The aroma is malty and bready. I'd say it smells like bagel crust more than anything, and it also comes across as slightly sweet. Time to drink.

First sip brings an interesting mix of bread and nuts. It appears that this is what a brown ale is actually intended to taste like, and I am very happy with a sip. The beer implies complexity, but even a sip is a very good taste. I'm not saying Smuttynose can battle Lagunitas for the crown yet, but this is a darn good sipping beer. I wonder how a full gulp would taste...

Tip-in is a bit of carbonation bite and light muffin crispy top sweetness. As the middle arrives, the tough bagel exterior mixes with nuts and a couple of twigs to give a very solid and full tasting center. The finish brings maybe a bit of a berry along with more nuts. A lingering bitterness stays around on the tongue after the finish completes.

Bottom Line: A delicious beverage. A very nice example of the style.



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