Shock Top Shockolate Wheat

Shock Top and I have had a past. I generally feel like their beverages are pretty decent, on the whole. They really don't shine that bright, but they are at least better than average in general. This one is a seasonal beer that is hopefully within their wheelhouse.

It is black as midnight. If you handed this to me and told me it was a porter, I would instantly agree with you. If you said it was a stout, I might even believe that. After all, the bubbles on top are really tiny - like the nitrogen bubbles in many a stout. When they float away, they leave the smallest pool of bubbles in the center and a good ring around the sides of the glass. The aroma is chocolate and grainy wheat, so that might hint at its nature.

First sip is a heavy carbonation with synthetic chocolate. Well, I say synthetic chocolate, but that's what the first part tastes like; it evens out into a more natural taste by the end, and the result is a very sweet, chocolaty beverage. It's a bit more acidic than most chocolate beverages I've had, but it doesn't seem all that bad. Subsequent sips make me feel like this is a clean beverage - less acidity than I had thought.

A deeper draught brings a tip-in of grains, chocolate, and oranges. The middle is very smooth, with cocoa and vanilla leading the way. It's very watery, but that's not that unusual. The finish is not substantially stronger. It has more spices added, and it takes like a good Christmas beer.

Bottom Line: A weak, but good beverage. Definitely a dessert beer like the Crème brûlée I had a while back.



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