Green Flash Brewing Hop Head Red

The only experience I have with this brewer is that I picked up an IPA from them once, and it was skunked. I don't blame the brewery, and I don't go to that distributor anymore. The fact is, it sat on the floor for too long, and they just didn't care enough to remove old stock. I am still so damn happy that I found City Sliquors.

A sticky, thick head tops this nearly opaque amber/red ale. The aroma is light malt and light hops. It strikes me as stronger than the average red ale, although I think I may have had some stronger red ales recently.

First sip is not bad, but not great. I expect a red ale to be generally malty (for an ale) and watery. This one has a good amount of water about it, and it has the bitterness of the hops without the balance of the malt, so the effect is of weak, unsweetened coffee. It's not that it has a particularly strong coffee taste, but it has that weak bitterness that should be properly malted out of the aftertaste.

A manly drink reveals a tip-in of weak malt and water with a hint of carbonation. The middle is a bit floral hops and a tiny bit of grainy malt with a bunch of water and some more background carbonation. All told, the beer is okay at this point, but then it starts the finish, and things take a turn for the worse. A tartness takes hold and develops into a sour taste. There's no malt here to sweeten things, and the hops aren't particularly tasty. There's just a swell of sourness that lingers too long.

Bottom Line: Just not the best. It's not simple enough for a red ale and not complex enough to be any other kind of ale.



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