Devil's Due (2014)

Writer: "I can't think of a movie idea."
Producer: "How about something scary?"
Writer: "I have no idea how to write something scary."
Producer: "No problem. Just make a found-footage style movie. They're all the rage."
Me: "Dammit!"

This whole thing with the husband / future dad deciding that he is going to record everything is so damn tired. The fact that they have to transition to a body cam and then to cameras covertly inserted in various locations about the house is indicative of the tired and worn out premise and the need for the whole thing to go away. Seriously, I want all found-footage movies to just stop.

I have been bitten by the found footage movies too many times, and I really only have myself to blame at this point. I need to just start filtering out these crappy movies right from the start. I've decided to just watch movies that have at least a 5/10 on IMDB, and this one would probably not have passed that test (I instituted the rule after watching this one). Additionally, I will try to filter out any of these found footage movies. I feel like I'm rewarding the people who make them, and that's not going to do any favors for anyone.

Enough about the style of movie - how was the actual movie? Well, it was a tired rehash of other movies. I mean, look at the logo above this. That is very clearly a Quake 2 logo, and that's just the start of their plagiarism. Okay, so we have nervous husband who is documenting everything, and the couple goes off to some exotic location for their honeymoon where they act like college kids and party really hard. Then they follow a cab driver through a bunch of places that should have warned them that something bad was going to happen. Then Rosemary's Baby starts.

I could bore you with details, but this plot is literally just lifted from Rosemary's Baby. Oh, they add a little more of the baby's Antichrist roots coming out and controlling the mother, but there should be no mistake that they ctrl-c and ctrl-v this entire plot.

Look at this second picture. They can't even duplicate their own freaking logo - that opening is too far behind her. This is the kind of meticulous attention to detail that sets this movie apart from the rest. I don't really understand how movies like this get made. I don't understand what the writer was thinking. I don't understand what the producer was thinking. At least the actors are thinking, "I get paid."

Acting was tolerable
Directing was not good
Story was not good
Editing was terrible
Dialogue was okay

Bottom Line: Tired movie meets tired premise.



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