Lagunitas Imperial Stout

I love Lagunitas. I can't explain how great it is to drink beer from these people who know how to make a beverage. I approach this particular beer with a hint of trepidation, as I am not generally a fan of imperial stouts, but I think that Lagunitas can make me a fan if anyone can. They make fantastic beer, and I am expecting this to be just another in the line of great beers.

The color is black as night - if anything, there may be a slight blueish/brownish tint. The head (what there is of it) scatters to the winds quickly and leave just a ring around the glass and a few stray islands floating on the top. The aroma is a slightly metallic smoked oat with chocolate and a slight hint of coffee. I have hope for this beer.

First sip is spot on what I remember from imperial stouts of the past, and that's not my favorite. It has the bitterness of the hops, but none of the taste. It has a metallic twinge that remains in the mouth for far too long. There are subtleties of caramel, chocolate, cappuccino, and coffee. The acidic underbelly reminds me of imperial stouts like Storm King that I've had in the past that have made me distrust the whole style.

I'm going to give it a few good swigs. It needs a fighting chance.

Tip-in is a carbonation and metallic bite and a bit of coffee. Not really what I look for in a beverage. Then, the middle comes along with a surprisingly mild toffee and cappuccino taste. I wasn't expecting that middle, and it changes the beverage pretty considerably; it's sweet and smoky - the middle is pretty good. Then the finish launches with a whiplash of carbonation bite, a bit of oatmeal and a slight hint of metal.

All told, the worst Lagunitas beer I've ever had.



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