The Art of the Steal (2013)

This is a popcorn movie. It's not really intended for deep thought or even great acting; it's all about simple characters and transparent plots. Action? Well, Kurt Russell isn't a spring chicken anymore, and he's the one who all the others turn to for physical comedy, so I think that any intense action is out. This movie ostensibly tells the tale of two brothers and their journey through crime.

Kurt Russell plays a guy called "Crunch" for no particular reason. He's the group's wheel-man, even though he seems to mostly ride motorcycles. Kurt is not following Stallone or Bruce Willis into the aging action actor genre of guys who are still surprisingly in good shape and capable of pulling off a movie that requires a very fit lead actor. Instead, he has decided to enjoy food and drink while he eases into his later years, and he will take whatever movie role happens along.

Matt Dillon seems to have found a bit of a resurgence in his career lately. He plays Kurt's brother, and there is not even the slightest hint of familial similarity in their physical characteristics. He is the brains and salesman of the operation, and he is generally a shiftless jerk who most of the guys don't really trust. He doesn't really try to act very much in this movie, and it seems to go on without his attempts.

Pretty much everyone else - and there are quite a few other people - is just window dressing with personal affectations that are quirky and ultimately irrelevant. They are nice enough characters, but they don't really exist for anything more than garnish on the tasks that they are supposed to perform.

The real movie is supposed to be about the struggle of one brother coming to terms with the fact that his brother is not trustworthy and what exactly he can do about it. There's no real moral to the story, but it was generally entertaining.

Cinematography was fine
Acting was okay
Direction was fine
Story was decent
Dialog was good



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