Spirit in the Woods (2014)

There's a point in this movie where it says nothing on screen but, "Real Recording." Well, of course it's a real recording. Even a simulated recording is a real recording. It might not be an unrehearsed recording or an unscripted recording, but if something is being recorded, it is a real recording. This is the kind of completely oblivious editing that comes from this movie. This found footage style movie has breaks in the recordings where they say that something had to be recovered or something, and there are times when it says (as if an error occurred) "Footage Not Found."

If this had been actual found footage, I think I would have preferred that it remain unfound. Imagine a guy turning to another guy and saying, "Hey, why don't we redo The Blair Witch Project, but we will have less of a story, worse camerawork, and (get ready for this) more people!" I assume the response was elation that someone had thought of the original idea of copying someone else's work a lot worse with what appears to be an even smaller budget and not bothering with writers.

All of the actors use their real names in this movie. I suspect none of them wanted to go too far outside of their comfort zone, and there wasn't a writer after all, so it was probably best that everyone just use their regular names. After all, they aren't really separate characters - they are kind of one giant blob of not knowing what they are doing and people who once heard a story about something bad that happened in the woods where everyone died, but somehow the story got out.

What could be worse than the writing and the acting? Get ready for unsteady-cam. If you don't hire anyone to write the movie, why hire anyone to film it? They try to get around the crappy special effects by having the image distorted because it was... damaged? Really? Oh, and the interviews with people talking about what they heard about stuff in those woods is also distorted... and there appears to be no reason for it whatsoever.

Inexplicably, these five young students do not think to use their phones until they are well lost, and the sky is getting dark. No one thought that maybe they should cache a map of the location before going in, and for some reason the GPS that is built into pretty much every smartphone doesn't work if they don't have cell coverage.

All told, this was a bad movie based on a bad concept with no writing, no camerawork, no direction, no acting, horrible editing, terrible special effects, and not worth seeing.



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