Not Safe for Work (2014)

I'm not even sure what made me watch this movie. I wasn't that huge of a fan of The Purge, and I thought they ran the Paranormal Activity franchise into the cold, cold ground. So, the fact that this movie came from the same producer really isn't much of a draw. But the movie surprised me about as much as the Uwe Boll movie Assault on Wall Street.

This all takes place in a lawyers' office. I've never seen a lawyers' office that looked like a bunch of little cubes next to each other and a few big offices around the windows. The little cubes are populated with paralegals such as Max Minghella, who tries to impress his bosses by thinking outside the box on a case he isn't assigned to. His actions result in him being let go at the end of the day.

JJ Feild is a bad man, and his look and acting mannerisms remind me of Tom Hiddleston. JJ's job is to do bad things in what is supposed to be a deserted office, but he encounters a few setbacks in the form of people who aren't supposed to be there - specifically Max and his friend Michael Gladis. JJ is a very calm and methodical killer who clearly has set goals in mind and a demeanor that exudes confidence and capability. He does a really good job with this role.

Most other characters are fairly ancillary. Even the underlying reasoning and motivation is only there to get the tense cat-and-mouse game going and to keep it going through the movie. The movie relies on this urgency to give the movie its heft and everything else is justification for the situation.

The action is decent
The acting is certainly good enough
Story is weak
Cinematography does a good job of providing claustrophobia
Direction was okay



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