Bad Words (2013)

This is a brand new director. This is his first attempt at directing, so I should be kind (unlike when I reviewed The Den - although I don't think I was that hard on him). This guy ticks three of the four check boxes that virtually guarantee a bad movie - he directs, produces, and stars in this movie. The only thing missing is a writing credit.

Here's the thing, though: this is a great movie. I thoroughly enjoyed it pretty much from beginning to end.

Jason plays a grade-school drop out who uses a loop-hole in the enrollment system to enter himself in a spelling bee competition. His motives are shrouded for most of the movie, but his willingness to not hold back and employ unethical methods to win are absolutely hilarious, and I found myself laughing out loud on several occasions. Jason did a great job (as usual) with the role, and his acting did not suffer as a result of his increased responsibilities for the movie. The movie is really all about him, though, and everyone else is a supporting character.

Kathryn Hahn is the reporter and occasional romantic interest who follows Jason around, chronicling the process as best she can. Jason is very tight-lipped about his intentions and rationale, so she has to aggressively pursue the story, as her web site is footing the bill, and they want to see good stories come out of it. Kathryn does a very good job with her role, ancillary though it may be.

Rohan Chand plays one of the child challengers at the spelling bee. He befriends the reluctant Jason through sheer force of will, winning smile, and innocent charm. Jason is not really the kind of guy you would want around kids in this movie, though, so some very not safe for children things go down in addition to his near constant cursing.

This movie is funny as heck.

Directing was great
Acting was great
Dialogue was fantastic
Story was very good
I recommend this movie



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